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Should the Steelers let Avery Williamson walk?

Avery Williamson and Minkah Fitzpatrick
(Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Avery Williamson is a very talented linebacker in the NFL. He is currently a Free-Agent and the Steelers just recently traded for him last season and he was definitely an asset for us down the stretch. However, I wonder if the Steelers will decide to keep him around as a good insurance piece in case of injury.

Now, I could see the Steelers go either way here. I do think having Avery Williamson would be an asset for this team. He's a good player. However, I don't want the Steelers having to break the bank to bring him back.

Personally, I could see him coming back on a 1-year deal and testing the market next year. This season is bad for the players because of COVID-19. So, I see him trying his luck next season. Maybe, if Vince Williams retires next year, I could see him sticking around and being a good piece to put beside Devin Bush and Robert Spillane.

Personally, If I were the Steelers, I would try to bring him back on a good deal. I think he would bring a lot to this defense having him. Especially with him gaining more experience under a Mike Tomlin/Keith Butler defense. Having the whole offseason to learn the defense would help him in the long run.

We'll see what ends up happening. It could go either way. If he ends up elsewhere, I wish him the best and hope he gets his due. After spending time with the Jets I think he deserves it. Best of luck Avery.

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