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Should the Steelers go after Sam Darnold in 2021?

(Photo from Ronald Martinez via Getty Images)

This could happen. It's not likely, but it could very much happen. JuJu Smith-Schuster in a recent interview would very much like to play with his former teammate Sam Darnold again. He makes sure that we know how much he loves Big Ben. However, when Ben Retires inevitably in the near future. Who is the future? Will it be Duck Hodges? Mason Rudolph? Most likely not. I don't think Big Ben's inevitable successor is currently on the roster.

Having a guy like Sam Darnold on the Steelers for an opportunity to compete for that starting Quarterback positon might just be worth it if the Steelers get the oppertunity. His carrer stats so far with terrible coaching are as follows. 39 Touchdowns, 32 Interceptions and a 80.0 QBR. Not that great, but he is able to score in this league. I think Darnold deserves a shot on another team that has competency and has the ability to protect him. On paper, the Jets were supposed to be much better than this. However, with the Cam Newton's Patriots and Josh Allen's Bills standing in the way, I don't think they will find much success in the coming years without some change.

I mean, it's not urgent that the Steelers get Darnold. However, if it's for a midround pick or two. It might just be worth a flier on the guy. We could see the former Trojan's Smith-Schuster and Darnold on the field once again in the professional setting on the same team.

While this would be cool, it wouldn't be worth giving everything for this guy. However, for the right price, it would be worth the chance on the Steelers getting their future QB. The Steelers can only dream of getting players such as Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence. However, it's looking as we have our sites set on playoff contention rather than high-draft pick contention.

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