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Should the Steelers give Le'Veon Bell another shot?

(Photo obtained via Getty Images from Andy Lyons)

Part of me isn’t so opposed to this. However, it really depends on his deal and how much money he is owed. Thus far, the Steelers are 4-0 for the first time since 1979. Years prior, with Bell we have had shaky starts to seasons. Never in a Le’Veon Bell led backfield have we started so well. Bell did deserve that money, he just decided to go elsewhere for it and I’d bet at this point he wishes he didn’t.

The Steelers are rolling. Do we want to mess up the current chemistry that we have? I would say no. However, Le’Veon Bell could prove to be a valuable weapon to the Steelers offense if he is the Bell of old. However, in New York, he has had under 3.2 yards per carry. In Pittsburgh he was unstoppable. Having close to 5 yards per carry in most of his years there even with his injuries and suspensions.

However, this is a fun thought but I’m sure the Steelers have shut the door on a possibility on a Le’Veon Bell return. He’s aged and with his recent injuries it just might not be worth the risk nor the possible headache he would bring. He is a talented player. However, leaving Pittsburgh was definitely one of the worst decisions. His next worst decision when leaving Pittsburgh was going the dumpster fire that is the Adam Gase led New York Jets.

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