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Should the Steelers Extend Tomlin?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

(Photo via Rich Schultz from Getty Images)

Mike Tomlin has been on the Steelers since 2007. He has been to two Super Bowls early on in his career and since then he hasn’t been back. He has been close. However, not close enough. His record is 134-74. He demands respect from his players and if they respect him, he respects them back. Tomlin was born March 15, 1972 in Hampton Virginia. He attended college at William & Merry and has a ton of crazy good coaches under him. He’s had Dick LeBeau, Mike Munchak and Bruce Arians all coaching under him at one point. Those are some good coaches. All of their resumes speak for themselves. I mean, Arians is coaching TB12 down in Tampa Bay this year.

Tomlin’s record with the Steelers is 134-74-1 and that leaves him at a .644-win percentage. Tomlin went 8-8 last year with multiple QBs and of course, that’s not a great record, however, he kept everyone together. That’s what he does, I feel like he’s a good coach to have to make sure players stay focused on the ultimate goal and that’s winning Football games. Him and Roethlisberger have been in the league together basically since the same time. Tomlin walked in on a young Ben and took him back to a Super Bowl with one of the leagues top defenses. Could we see that again? I think so. Defenses win championships. That still holds true today. If your defense can dominate you are unstoppable.

Should we extend him? YES. It’s an easy answer. Tomlin is a coach that can motivate players and keep them focused. He has had a couple players who won’t be named that has caused issues but usually, he can keep everyone else focused on one goal. He should be a Steeler for life. Think about all the Steelers coaches since the 70s, we have had Noll, Cowher and now Tomlin. I hope Tomlin lasts for years to come. The gifs, the interviews and every moment on the field is something that we should cherish. Think about how many coaches the Browns have had during Tomlin's tenure. Too many. Over the years, one thing has been constant and that’s Tomlin.

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