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Should the Steelers bring back James Conner?

(Justin Berl/Getty Images)

James Conner has been Pittsburgh's favorite son for years. He beat Cancer, did extremely well in College and now he's played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, he hasn't been earth-shattering consistently with the Steelers. However, when he gets going, he gets going and is able to break some for some big time yards in some big time situations.

He also has some issues with staying healthy and that's very sad because that's one of the bigger drawbacks with James. However, when he is on the field it's fun to watch. The Steelers this year with the running game sucked all around.

I think with a retooled Offensive Line we could perhaps see James Conner excel at being the #2 back. I think his #1 back days are long behind him, however, I still think at the right price, James Conner could be an asset for the Steelers with a reloaded Offensive Line.

If he is to leave, that would be okay too. I wish him the best and I hope he proves me wrong. However, I just don't think any team will shell out a ton of money for the guy who has had an injury history and who sometimes disappears on the field.

James Conner could be the perfect backup running back for many teams in the league, it's just about whether or not they want to pay him a crazy amount or not. I think James would like to stay home, he also might want a chance at Free-Agency and see if there are any greener pastures out there for him.

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