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Should the Steelers bring back B.J. Finney?

(Diamond Images/Getty Images)

This could be a move the Steelers make to bring back an old friend. He's played in Pittsburgh for the last couple of years (2015-2019) and he has experience in multiple position on the offensive line.

The Steelers could bring him back and pretty much plug the guy anywhere for a good price. When you are losing some of your line to retirement and Free Agency, why not bring back an old friend? He's 29 so he's had some experience in the league. This experience of playing different positions will help out the Steelers.

I think bring him back could provide depth to this offensive line and some competition that could increase overall performance for the 2021 season. He's not amazing, however, I think we should bring him back just because he's been here before and the potential upside for the cheap price.

In all of his years in Pittsburgh, he stepped in and filled in for some big names. Whether it be Ramon Foster, David DeCastro or Maurkice Pouncey. He's filled in for some of these guys and possibly he could be a starter on this thin OL. We are hurting right now on the Offensive Line, bring someone back that could potentially provide relief and provide some leadership.

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