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Should the Pittsburgh Steelers draft Florida's Quarterback Kyle Trask?

Should the Pittsburgh Steelers draft a quarterback in the 2021 NFL draft? It would depend on which round you want the Steelers to take one. Right now the first two rounds should go to the offensive line and running back positions, but you never know what the Pittsburgh Steelers are thinking heading into the NFL draft. The organization is very unpredictable and a top-tier quarterback could fall out of the top 10 like Justin Fields or Trey Lance so that could tempt them to take a quarterback.

In regards to drafting a second-tier quarterback, I would not take one until the 3rd round. If Florida's Kyle Trask did fall into the 3rd round of the NFL draft that would be an absolute steal. Kyle Trask has a great deep ball and many people say he can't run the football, but let's be honest Ben Roethlisberger was able to run the ball during his rookie season so I would say Trask would run about the same as Ben if he needed to, but both are very similar as being pocket passers.

Yes, Kyle Trask does need a steady pocket to operate, but in the NFL even if you're a mobile quarterback you need a protective pocket as well. We all saw what the Buccaneers ended up doing to Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LV.

Trask is much better than Rudolph in the pocket and he could even have a better deep ball. In 2020 Trask threw for 4,283 receiving yards (2nd in College Football), 43 touchdowns (1st in College Football), and 8 interceptions. That is a pretty impressive stat line, but his bowl game against Texas A&M really hurt his value heading into the 2021 draft, but that could help the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The bottom line is if Kyle Trask falls past the second round in the NFL draft it would make sense to take him because he is a very capable quarterback and gives you better value than Mason Rudolph in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers can't use early draft picks for a quarterback this season because they do have many needs, but you can't deny the Steelers need a quarterback for the future. Especially heading into 2022.

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