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Should the Steelers bring back Jesse James?

(Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Jesse James caught that ball. However, His time in Detroit has come to a quick end. This was expected because of the emergence of T.J. Hockenson. He is going to have to get paid someday. So, it's only fitting that the Lions try and save some money and make some cuts. Unfortunately for Jesse, it was his time.

Jesse James has experience in Pittsburgh, he spent four years in Pittsburgh after being drafted in the fifth round in 2015. His tenure with Detroit was disappointing. He never cracked over 20 receptions in a season. He was making too much to be a backup and that sucks for him.

If Jesse were to come back to Pittsburgh on a team-friendly deal I would welcome that. I just don't want the Steelers to overpay. This reunion would make sense for both parties. It's just whether or not Jesse would want to come back home to Pennsylvania or not.

He would fit in well next to Ebron and provide some much-needed depth at the Tight End position after the retirement of Vance McDonald. Jesse has had some experience in Pittsburgh and the Steelers might opt to bring in a familiar face rather than go out and draft someone or sign someone new.

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