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Should AB be in the Steelers Hall of Honor?

(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

I’ve seen a few people in the NFL community asking what’s next for Antonio Brown and potentially saying that he will come back to Pittsburgh. I strongly dislike Antonio Brown. However, some of my fondest memories as a Steelers fan were from him and his big plays in a Steelers uniform. My favorite play was the Immaculate Extension on Christmas against the Ravens.

I don’t miss the player; I miss the memories. However, I don’t think I’d like him back. There’s not much more he can do if he comes back to make up for all the drama he caused and how he quit on his teammates. I know Big Ben isn’t without blame for their falling out, but still, I don’t want to see AB back in the Steelers uniform. There is no denying his greatness, however, he threw it all away with what he did.

Besides, Antonio might opt to stay with the Buccaneers as long as Tom Brady keeps playing, why would you leave? He is his best chance at a Super Bowl and possibly multiple. After that, maybe AB goes off into the sunset, he really doesn’t have much else to prove. I don’t think after this year, the Bucs can afford to lose him. The Bucs are possibly going to be without Godwin and that would be a huge loss for them. Having Antonio Brown on your roster for another year would be huge for them. So, look for AB to resign again and play another year with Brady.

Antonio Brown’s days in Pittsburgh are done. I just hope one day he can truly apologize to the fan base and we all can put all this behind us. Hopefully, he can be in the Steelers Hall of Honor in the future. He was a great player, however, his off the field antics really killed him and possibly ruined his legacy. He's still lost a lot of respect from around the league. However, keeping quiet just might help him in the long run.

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