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Senior Bowl Executive Jim Nagy believes RB Najee Harris will bring an identity to Pittsburgh

There will be a debate amongst Pittsburgh Steeler fans until the Draft comes on which running back is the best to come out of the 2021 NFL draft. We are down to 3 running backs who many feel the Steelers will take. Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, and Javonte Williams. We can debate all we want until we're blue in the face, but at the end of the day, the Steelers will select the running back they feel is the most complete.

The Steelers have already shown heavy interest in Najee Harris at the Senior Bowl. It is not a surprise that Mike Tomlin will keep an eye on Harris. He is a difference-maker on the football field. Harris is explosive, fast, athletic, can catch out of the backfield, block, and be a monster on third downs. That is everything you want out of a running back. The question is will the Steelers pull the trigger at No. 24 if Najee Harris is there when the Steelers are ready to pick?

The Executive Director of Reese's Senior Bowl put his two cents in on Twitter today. He says "Alabama RB Najee Harris is carrying higher grades league-wide than Derrick Henry did coming out and Henry has deservedly been in MVP convos. Big difference is what Najee Harris brings in pass game. Harris would immediately bring an identity to Dolphins (#18) or Steelers (#24)."

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