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Salary Cap now set at $182.5 Million

(Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images)

The Salary Cap is now officially set. While it's a little less than we hoped, it's nice now that we have a final number to work off of. This is reported by Ian Rapoport on Twitter and like I said above, it's just nice now that we have the final number to work with now in our projections.

We will be getting you more out about what this means to the Steelers specifically when we learn more about the final totals of what the Steelers have now. Recently, Derek Watt restructured his contract to provide $880K in relief to the Steelers. This solidifies his spot on the Steelers roster in 2021.

Well Steelers Fans, this really doesn't help us too much. However, the Steelers still have time to do some more restructures to hopefully bring back a few Free Agents and possibly keep a fan favorite or two. We'll see. It's still pretty early.

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