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Ryan Shazier doesn't think 2022 is the year for the Steelers to draft a quarterback

(Photo by: 2019 Nick Cam mett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

It's been widely reported that this year's quarterback class is less than stellar. Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett is regarded as the No. 1 quarterback, and he is really coming off of just one great season at Pitt. There's also questions about his hand size and arm strength.

Liberty quarterback Malik Willis is ranked by most as the second best quarterback in this year's class, even though some felt he had a better outing than Pickett at the Senior Bowl. However, Willis played at the FCS level and was often inconsistent. Willis is a quarterback that isn't expected to be a Day 1 starter and will have to develop. Although, his quarterback mobility and ability to extend plays is very intriguing.

Ryan Shazier made the rounds at Super Bowl Radio Row this week in Los Angles, and was asked about the quarterback position when he was on 93.7 The Fan.

"I think somebody like Jimmy Garoppolo could really help. Personally, I don't think we should draft a quarterback this year."

Shazier's thoughts on not drafting a quarterback in 2022 line up with most Steelers fans. I'm not sure about the Garoppolo part, however. The fan base seems to have mixed feelings on Garoppolo. Sure, he'll be a better option than Mason Rudolph. But is he worth giving up at least a second-round pick and paying him over $25 million in 2022. They can of course give Garoppolo a contract extension, but it seems like a lot to give up for a bridge quarterback..

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