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Ryan Clark rips Baker Mayfield on ESPN

Ryan Clark is known for his tough football play on the field, but he also likes to keep it real when he is on ESPN. He spent eight of his 13 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, won a Super Bowl, and was a Pro Bowl player. His resume allows him to say what he wants off of the football field because when he speaks people listen. During "Get Up," on Monday morning Ryan Clark had some choice words for Baker Mayfield after the Steelers-Browns game.

“This team is in trouble,” Clark said about the Browns. “Not necessarily in trouble that they won’t win games or find ways to fight for a wild-card spot. But when you draft a guy No. 1 overall, you are saying this guy is our franchise guy who will take us to the promised land. Baker Mayfield cannot. He is no Moses. They are no Israelites. They are stuck and enslaved to who he is for a long time if he remains the quarterback.”

Ryan Clark is certainly right by Baker Mayfield being no Moses for the Browns. Especially against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We discussed on our Renegade Blitz Podcast that he just doesn't look like a franchise quarterback with the Browns, but maybe he could be with another team so we agree with Ryan Clark's assessment on Baker Mayfield. Ryan was also very happy about how the Steelers defense is currently playing.

“If this defense plays this way, with Chase Claypool now as the No. 1 on offense, this team may be unbeatable.”

The Steelers defense has been dominant in the trenches. They blitzed Baker Mayfield 47% of his dropbacks while sacking him 4 times. They only allowed him to complete just three of seven passes for 45 yards when rushing him. The Steelers have laid out the blueprint on Baker Mayfield. Only time will tell if the Browns will continue to view him as a Franchise quarterback or let him go and draft a new quarterback for the future. Ryan Clark is right with everything he said on ESPN.

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