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Ryan Clark on Derrick Henry: 'He has late play bravery'

(Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)

Former Steelers' free safety Ryan Clark had some interesting comments on ESPN's "First Take" today in regards to Derrick Henry. Clark said in all of Henry's highlights he has never seen him stiff-arm or ran over anyone that's close to his size.

"He has late play bravery," Clarks said of Henry. "He don't have the same type of bravery when (he's) around them dogs and I have watched every single snap of every game. When he's in that mess and them boys are the same size he don't run the same. He has late bravery. So when it's T.J. Watt, when it's Bud Dupree, when it's Vince Williams, he gonna have to see those boys. It's going to be different. I'm letting y'all know."

Clark even said that if he was playing now he would do whatever it takes to hit Henry and put him to the ground.

"Right now, I would get in a track stance if I knew it was (a) run, I would take off running and I was going to either have to hit Derrick Henry or the goal pole by the time I stopped," Clark said. "Somebody got to prove a point that when you get to the secondary we (are) not playing those games no more because you don't do that when you (are) in the front seven. I am telling you that junk is fake bravery. It's late bravery."

We'll have to see on Sunday if the Steelers' defensive backs take Clark's advice and prove a point that they are not intimated by the size and strength of Henry.

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