Ron Rivera says he 'took the wrong approach' with Dwayne Haskins in Washington

The Washington Football team took Dwayne Haskins with their 15th selection in the first round of the 2019 NFL draft. Haskins was never given a chance to develop into a good NFL quarterback in Washington's football system. He was rushed and although many NFL scouts were high on him their analysis did not translate onto the football field in Washington. Now he will get a better opportunity to show he is a capable NFL quarterback in a football system that is known to be elite. Only Dwayne Haskins can screw up this great opportunity presented to him.

Ron Rivera admits he took the wrong approach with Dwayne Haskins in Washinton: “The mistake I made was that my approach was wrong,” Rivera recently told ESPN staff writer John Keim. “I should have made as big a competition as possible, and that’s on me. I wanted to try and find a guy. I thought Haskins was ready to take a step and take every opportunity. I try to build that rapport he needed with his teammates, and that would have been something we may have been able to see sooner and could have done something different, perhaps.”

Is this damage control coming from Ron Rivera now that Haskins is in a better football system? Especially if he works out in Pittsburgh... It seems all Haskins needed in Washington was some competition on the football field and guidance. If Washington had a veteran quarterback and Haskins learned from a proven veteran then things could have turned out different and Washington could have saved their first-round prospect.

Washington's coaches were even impressed with Haskins during his time in the offseason, but it seemed to not translate onto the football field when he was given the starting position. He would eventually get benched after starting four games with Washington and would be released. That is not normal for a professional football team to release a first-round prospect that quick. Now it seems Ron Rivera is starting to regret how he handled the Haskin's situation in Washington.

What's done is done and now Haskins finds himself in a perfect opportunity in Pittsburgh. If he can stay quiet and compete with the other Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks then he would have a very good opportunity to make the team in 2021.

If I were to predict the future I would think both Rudolph and Haskins will make the Steelers in 2021 and Dobbs would be sent to the practice squad. That would be the ideal situation because Haskins needs time to develop and I feel Mason Rudolph is not the answer in Pittsburgh. It would be very beneficial if Haskins develops into the quarterback Washington envisioned, but only in Pittsburgh. It would be a win-win situation for all sides.

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