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Ron Rivera on Haskins: "The kid is talented and if he ever does get it he will make an impact"

Dwayne Haskins was released by the Washington Football team 24 hours after he was benched in a Week 16 loss against the Panthers. It seems like Haskins was just not going to work with the Washington Football team so they made a decision to release him. Haskins was drafted in the first round at number 15 and hasn't been in the NFL for too long. That is why Mike Tomlin decided to swoop in and pick him up quickly.

At the end of the day, the Washington Football organization failed Dwayne Haskins. Yes, Haskins has had his troubles off of the field, but it seems like he wasn't wanted in Washington. Haskins was also not developed properly in their system as well. Even Ron Rivera admits Dwayne can be a talented NFL quarterback if he just gets rid of the distractions on and off of the football field.

Ron Rivera on Dwayne Haskins: “You know what? I tried to come to terms with him,” Rivera told Cowherd. “He’s a very talented player. He’s got an NFL arm, a legit arm, and there’s a part of him that he wants to, but something keeps getting in the way. I’m not sure what it was, and that was the hard part because he puts in the time, and then he doesn’t. And you’re wondering, ‘Where is he? What’s he doing?’ You see him over there and you go, ‘OK,’ and then you don’t see him. So I think the thing he needs to do is just prioritize. The kid, as I said, he’s talented, and if he ever does get it, he’s going to make an impact.”

One Haskins was released from the Washington Football team he took to Twitter by saying he accepts full responsibility for not meeting the standards of an NFL quarterback. Haskins is looking to become a better man and player because of his experience with the Washington Football team.

That is what you want to hear from a young quarterback in the NFL. Accept your mistakes and grow from it. That is why I think Mike Tomlin decided to pick him up as quickly as possible. Tomlin feels like he can work with Haskins. He couldn't have a better opportunity to prove himself. Haskins has landed in a perfect football system. A great organization. An offensive coach who loves play-action. A head coach who wanted him. Now it's up to Haskins to prove himself.

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