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Rod Woodson: "I would not bring JuJu back"

It seems like the Steelers have not talked to JuJu Smith-Schuster yet. It will be interesting to see if that changes in the next several days because by March 17th he will become an unrestricted free agent if they do not come to terms on a new deal. JuJu has a great personality on and off of the football field. He does a lot for the Pittsburgh Community, but his market value going into the offseason is going to be too high.

Rod Woodson is an old-school player. So he has an old-school mentality when it comes to playing football. There is no bull shit when it comes to Rod Woodson. You show up, put your work in, and then you head home. In today's football, it is a completely different generation growing up who want attention with their social media and brands. That is just the way it is nowadays. Woodson says he hated seeing JuJu dancing on the other opponent's logo prior to the Steelers play football. Rod loved that Coach Tomlin put a stop to it.

On 93.7 the fan today Woodson also said he would not bring JuJu back. He loves JuJu's personality, but there is no way you can give him that kind of money ($16 million). If you give him that kind of money then you're saying he is a #1 wide receiver. Woodson says JuJu is not a WR1 and he thinks someone will overpay him in the offseason. Rod also says he can't run every route on the route tree.

Woodson went no holds barred today on his feelings. The Hall of Famer has a right to his opinion because he has been there and done that in regards to playing the game of football. Rod Woodson also said he loves that Ben is coming back and he had conversations with the Steelers about their open position for a secondary coach.

Woodson on the Steelers: "I respect the Rooney's, I respect Mike Tomlin, we did have some conversations, but I respect them for making their decisions."

Never change Rod Woodson, Never change!

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