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Rod Woodson has some strong words for JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mason Rudolph.

(Photo via Rod Woodson's Instagram)

Steelers legend Rod Woodson recently took to Twitter to give his opinion on JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mason Rudolph. Woodson says the Steelers could not get a No. 1 pick for JuJu because “all he wants to do is be on social media.” Some harsh words coming from the legend. Woodson is old school he feels all of your talking should be shown on the field. To JuJu’s defense, he is still very young at age 23 and it is a different time and age where many younger adults grow up with social media at a young age. 

Rod Woodson was also very pleased to see Dobbs come back to Pittsburgh. Woodson said on Twitter “I’m glad to see Josh is back in the BURGH now we have a backup QB but should have kept the Duck over Mason!” Woodson feels Pittsburgh should have kept Duck Hodges over Mason Rudolph and now the Steelers have a true backup QB in Josh Dobbs. 

Woodson recently appeared on 105.9 the X with Mark Madden with more opinions on Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges: “Mason just seemed as if he was more robotic, Duck had that thing you try to find in players on the field. You would hope that Duck learning from Ben being on the sideline, getting his skills to a certain degree … I just thought that Mason had his opportunity.” Woodson continued. “Maybe they think that in a couple years with some grooming that Rudolph can be that guy. I just think that, in my eyes, watching from afar last year that he is not going to be the guy in the future.”

Woodson does not shy away from his comments at all during his interview and says how he truly feels, but ultimately the Steelers will have to decide if Mason Rudolph is the Future or not. Only time will tell with the QB situation in Pittsburgh.

As for JuJu, he continued his discussion on the Mark Madden Show (105.9 the X) by stating, “Ben is going to help him, All the receivers struggled from the quarterback position. He’ll have more catchable balls. His numbers will be better. I just don’t know if he is a No.1 receiver in the National Football League.” For now, we will give JuJu the benefit of the doubt because he did have Mason Rudolph and Duck Mason as QB’s last season who weren’t that great.

Woodson did say if he would have pulled what JuJu is pulling on social media he would’ve “gotten fired or would’ve gotten cut.” Rod Woodson did not hold back and truly just doesn’t give a damn whether you like his opinion or not. He’s going to give it to you straight on how he truly feels. He has certainly earned the right to his opinion in regards to football that’s for damn sure!

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