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Rocky Bleier on the 41-10 loss to the Bengals: 'The Steelers suck!'

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

The Steelers have been ripped by a lot of former players since their embarrassing 41-10 loss to the Bengals on Sunday. Most notably was Ryan Clark's rant on how the defense lacks physicality and living on the shoulders of past legends.

However, Rocky Bleier's criticism of the current state of the Steelers was also incredibly blunt.

“Big Ben [Roethlisberger] said after the game that ‘It is what it is, it happens sometimes. We need to play better.’ My reaction? No shit. So why don’t you play better?,” Bleier said on Instagram.

Ouch ...

Bleier also said flat-out that the Steelers sucked against the Bengals. Bleier also said he saw a lack of pride and lack of enthusiasm from the Steelers. He ripped Keith Butler, as well. Bleier spoke nothing but facts.

You can watch the full response by Bleier in the clip below. Bleier ended the video as he always does, "Of course, this is only one man's opinion."

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