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Robert Spillane says nothing is guaranteed and he is going to have to earn everything

Robert Spillane could get the opportunity of a lifetime heading into the 2021 season. He could get the starting inside linebacker position alongside Devin Bush. It would depend on what the Steelers decide to do in the 2021 NFL draft. The Steelers seem to be doing a ton of homework on inside linebackers during their pre-draft workout visits lately so that could change soon, but for right now all the Steelers have are Robert Spillane and Devin Bush.

Spillane on his relationship with Devin Bush: “We haven’t played many in-game snaps together but we’ve been working together for the past two years,” Spillane said. “I understand his style of communication and his play. I think we feed in well with each other. We work well together. We have been able to do that off the field. Now it’s going to translate to taking our communication styles and meshing them together to give the best message to the teammates.”

It seems like the Steelers felt good about Robert Spillane going forward that they decided to release long-time veteran Vince Williams. Although Williams did have a price tag of $7 million he was still was a solid linebacker for the Steelers. Spillane knows he will get the chance to play a lot of football going forward with the departure of Vince Williams, but he says he is not penciling himself in anywhere at this point. He says nothing is given to you in the game of football and he is going to have to go in and earn everything this offseason with the Steelers.

Spillane on the 2021 season: “I don’t pencil myself anywhere, nothing is guaranteed,” Spillane said. “Nothing is given to you. I know I’m going to have to go in, OTAs, Spring camp, and earn everything that I have. I don’t expect anything to be given to me. I don’t want anything to be given to me, I expect to go out and earn it. I want to show that I’ve gotten better.”

With Spillane being an undrafted free agent going into the NFL he knows nothing is given in the National Football League and everything can be taken in an instant. Spillane has a great attitude and approaches the game of football in the right way. That is why he has been given the opportunity to play in the NFL. Spillane says he has some starts under his belt, but he still views himself as the same player he was two years ago. He still has a deep hunger and passion for football. Spillane plans on only getting better this offseason in the game of football.

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