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Robert Spillane says his goal-line stop on Derrick Henry brings back a lot of 'good memories'

(Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images)

Robert Spillane stopping Derrick Henry in his tracks on the goal-line was one of the most memorable plays of the Steelers' 2020 season. It's a play that Spillane still thinks about eight months later.

"That is a play that was special to me not only because it was third down and goal-line stop against perhaps the best running back we have seen in the NFL in some years, but also being that the Tennessee Titans were the team that released me after my rookie season and that being my first career start as an inside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers," Spillane told the media after today's OTAs practice. "My whole family renting a bus and coming down to Nashville for that game. yeah, that brings back a lot of good memories."

Spillane is projected to be the starting inside linebacker opposite of Devin Bush in 2021 and is looking to build off his promising 2020 campaign. There might even be a Part 2 showdown of Spillane against Henry when the Steelers play the Titans at Heinz Field on Dec. 19. This time around, I'm sure Henry will know who Spillane is and he'll be looking for some payback.


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