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Robert Spillane called Vince Williams return to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Robert Spillane recently signed a one-year contract to return with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2021. He sat down with Missi Matthews to discuss many topics including the Steelers releasing Vince Williams. Spillane has been on the record saying he really looks up to Vince Williams on the football field. Williams has been one of the main Steelers players who have embraced him when he first joined the Steelers organization.

Spillane on Vince Williams: "Vince is one of the people that I've very strongly looked up to since day one in Pittsburgh," Spillane said. "He's a guy that goes about his business the right way. He plays football the right way. The energy that he brings to a defense is infections, and his ability to really rally guys together, get guys going on the same page is a high-end trait of his."

Although Spillane did say he doesn't know what the future holds for Vince Williams he ended up saying he thinks Vinny could end up back in Pittsburgh. Well, it looks like Spillane was right.

The Steelers announced today they have re-signed Vince Williams to a one-year deal. It sounds like the Steelers wanted to get out of Williams's $7 million dollar contract so they released him. Now he re-signed a new contract with the team which should be much lower than his cap hit prior to him being released.

Bringing Vince back to the Steelers will give the organization some relief going into the 2021 NFL draft. They need to focus on the running back and offensive line positions going forward and bringing Vince back will help the Steelers having to draft a later-round linebacker.

It looks like the Steelers are starting to plug in their positions of need right now to help offset some picks going into the 2021 NFL draft. Robert Spillane, Cam Heyward, and many other Steelers players look to be happy with the return of Vince Williams going forward.


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