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Richard Sherman says the Steelers have not called him at all during the 2021 offseason

When the Steelers finished the 2021 NFL draft it became apparent they were not looking to address the cornerback position early on. The Steelers have not drafted a Pro Bowl Cornerback since Rod Woodson so I would see why they were hesitant to add a cornerback early on in the draft. They did end up drafting Tre Norwood, but he played both Safety and the Cornerback position at Oklahoma. Sitting on the roster currently is Cam Sutton, Joe Haden, Justin Layne, Tre Norwood, Shakur Brown, James Pierre, and Arthur Maulet. Clearly, they have tons of talent, but can any of those cornerbacks shine as Richard Sherman can?

Sherman recently went onto Stephen A. Smith's show on ESPN and said the Steelers have not called him once during the 2021 offseason. I would have expected to hear them at least reach out and see what he is asking for, but clearly, the Steelers feel confident with who they have on the roster. I would expect the Steelers to go into training camp and have a big battle between all of their DB's currently on their roster. Joe Haden and Cam Sutton are a lock to start, but if either of them goes down during the season the Steelers will definitely be in the market for a cornerback unless someone shines during training camp.

Stephan A. Smith is always trying to recruit players to the Steelers and Richard Sherman is just the latest player he would like to see in the Black and Gold. Sherman says he can't get the Steelers to call him and he hasn't heard anything from the Steelers this offseason. Stephen A. says he is going to have to get on the phone with Mike Tomlin in order to get Sherman in the Black and Gold. Sherman did say he would not be scared to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North...


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