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Report: Titans to face swift punishment if the NFL's investigation finds misconduct with protocol

The Titans had a COVID-19 outbreak in their organization this past week with 10 players and nine team staff members testing positive which forced the Steelers-Titans game on Sunday to be rescheduled to Oct. 25. With new positives coming up every day, the Titans' Week 5 game against the Bills could be in serious jeopardy.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association are investigating whether the Titans violated the league's coronavirus-related protocols, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Officials from both the NFL and NFLPA have been in Tenessee since Friday.

Schefter said some sources believe if the Titans failed to follow the protocol the league will make an example out of them. One source observed to ESPN that "This isn't a failure of the protocols; it is a failure to follow the protocols."

The NFL and NFLPA have asked the Titans to turn over multiple videotapes of team activities so they can get a better idea of the root of the outbreak, Schefter said. The Titans deny any wrongdoing with following the COVID-19 protocol.

The investigation is centered around Titans outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen, who was the first in the organization to contract the coronavirus. Schefter states that a potential failure by at least some to report symptoms and wear masks is also a part of the investigation. One source told ESPN that he suspects that the spread started with the Titans' coaching staff.

If the NFL's investigation finds any misconduct in regards to the protocol by the Titans, expect the league to act swiftly and come down hard on the Titans. A forfeit would be pretty surprising, but discipline in the form of fines along with a potential loss in a draft pick should be fitting.

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