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Report: The Steelers Hall of Honor Class of 2020 will be revealed later this week

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

(The Steelers game day issue against the Packers on Nov. 26, 2017)

During normal situations, unlike the year of 2020, the Steelers usually announce their Hall of Honor class at the beginning of training camp in late July. Due to COVID-19 and the Steelers not having training camp at Saint Vincent College this year, things have been very quiet in regards to this year's Hall of Honor class.

Some fans even questioned whether the Steelers would push the ceremony back to 2021 when more fans would be allowed at Heinz Field, since as of right now, no fans are allowed at Heinz Field during Steelers games, and if they are changes anytime soon, only a limited capacity will be allowed.

However, during Bob Labriola's "Asked and Answered" edition on Sept. 20, Labriola stated that there will be a Hall of Honor Class of 2020 this year for the Steelers. Here is the following to what Labriola said when asked by a fan whether there would be inductees to the Steelers Hall of Honor this year. "Yes, and before the end of this week you will know which players make up the Class of 2020. Stay tuned to"

So there you have it. There will be a Hall of Honor Class of 2020 for the Steelers. Hall of Fame safety Troy Polamalu is certain to be one of the inductees in this year's class.

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