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Report: Dwayne Haskins had a blood-alcohol level of .24 at time of death

Updated: May 23, 2022

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

According to medical examiner reports released by the office of the Broward County Medical Examiner on Monday, Dwayne Haskins had been out at a club drinking “heavily” and had a significant amount of alcohol in his blood when hit and killed while walking on a South Florida highway on April 9. Haskins was in South Florida training with Mitch Trubisky and several other Steelers skill players that weekend.

Per the toxicology report, two separate samples taken from Haskins' body had alcohol levels of .20 and .24, both of which are above the legal limit in Florida of .08. According to the report, Haskins also had ketamine and norketamine in his system, drugs that can be used as a medical anesthetic but can also be used as recreational drugs. The toxicology report does not give any indication of why the drugs would have been in his system.

Haskins died of blunt force trauma, and the death was ruled accidental, according to the autopsy report. According to the investigation report, a Steelers official told the medical examiner's office that the night before his death, Haskins went to dinner with a cousin or friend, whose name was "Joey," and then later went to a nightclub, "possibly in Miami." "They drank heavily and at some point, they got into a fight, separating," the report states.

Investigators found his car on the side of the road with a woman inside, according to the medical examiner’s report, which did not know Haskins’ relationship with the female.

In a 911 call released in April, Haskins' wife, calling from Pittsburgh, told dispatchers that he had run out of fuel and he’d been searching for gas. A Medical Examiner’s report said Haskins was “reportedly witnessed waving cars down on the shoulder” of I-595 before he was struck.

Haskins' wife, Kalabrya, issued a statement via The Ellsley Law Firm on Monday night. In part, the statement reads: “On behalf of Dwayne's wife, his family, and his memory, and on behalf of the truth, we respectfully request and pray for privacy, for patience, and for the public to withhold any judgment during this period while the law enforcement authorities continue to investigate and conduct their important work."

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