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Rebuild Or Reload? The Two Strategies The Steelers Could Have In This Year's Draft

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The Steelers are in an interesting point in their team's future. The crossroads of reloading and getting younger in places to look towards the future, or to load up with the best win now pieces possible to give Ben the best chance possible to win a ring in likely his last season. Today we'll be taking a look at how the Steelers could draft depending on which strategy they're looking toward.

If the Steelers take the look to the future approach here's a few moves we could possibly see them make on draft night. A trade up for a top quarterback in the first round to sit behind Ben for a year to set up the franchise for the long term. I think a guy like Mac Jones or Trey Lance could be two great targets. Second, drafting a QB in round 3-4. A guy like Kellen Mond who is more of a long term project but has all the tools to succeed. Another thing I think the Steelers would do to invest more in the team's long term would be to draft a lot of quality offensive lineman.

The other route, having the Steelers reload as much as much as possible could see a pretty different outcome. This outlook which is more likely in my opinion would see the Steelers address team needs that give the quickest turnaround possible. Having them draft an OL and a RB in the first two rounds regardless of which ones come first. This plan would give them the best chance to compete next season at a high level fixing the running game.

Which strategy would you want to see the team deploy in the draft this season?

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