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Ray-Ray Keeps Rolling

(Photo Obtained via Getty Images From Icon Sportswire)

Raymond “Ray-Ray” McCloud had an excellent day against the Eagles. The Steelers attempted to involve him early. It certainly payed off early when he busted out of the backfield on a gadget play for a 58-yard end around. After seeing him exploded onto the Special Teams scene as a kick-returner it was only a matter of time before we saw him start to get some reps on offense especially after an unfortunate injury to Diontae Johnson.

The Steelers Offense looks good. Not perfect. There is still a lot of work to do. Some of their trick plays pay off. However, sometimes they are not always the correct call in the situation. However, this type of play to this type of speedster payed off. We all wish he got that TD because that is very exciting but getting his team in position to score is the next best thing. I hope the Steelers keep involving these speedsters in the game.

I hope we see McFarland get more plays like that too. Those guys can almost outrun any guy on the field guaranteed it’s just about getting them in the right spot. Go Steelers!

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