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Ravens Bradley Bozeman on Cam Heyward: "Whenever we go against each other it’s always a good battle"

Cam Heyward is one of the best veteran leaders on the Pittsburgh Steelers currently. With Maurkice Pouncey retiring it doesn't leave many veterans left other than Ben Roethlisberger heading into the 2021 season. Heyward bleeds black and gold whenever he is on the football field. He always leaves it on the line and if things don't go according to plan Heyward is the first one to admit things didn't go well. Heyward will then address the Steelers issue and look to fix them right away.

Not only is Heyward respected amongst his teammates in Pittsburgh, but he is shown respect around the league. Especially in regards to teams that shouldn't have that much respect for each other like the Baltimore Ravens. There is always bad blood when it comes to the Steelers and Baltimore rivalry, but from time to time you will also hear respect for each other coming from both sides. Most of these players know every time these two teams get together they're always going to get a good battle no matter how the season is going for either team.

Bozeman says he felt many of the Raven's young guys played exceptionally well against the Steelers during the 2020 season, but they still didn't end up winning against them. He said once they lost to the Steelers they did end up winning 7 straight and eventually got it going. Bradley says it was really bizarre to play football on a Wednesday against the Steelers too.

During his interview on the Podcast 'Upon Further Review' Bozeman was asked who was the toughest guy he had to block during the 2020 season? Bozeman said "Cam Heyward is a tough one, he's kind of the all-around package. He is a good run blocker, good run defender, good pass blocker, real long and big. He is a tough guy to block. So definitely whenever we go against each other it's always a good battle."


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