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Randy Fichtner is the Weakest Link in Pittsburgh

The Steelers' perfect record finally fell tonight against the Washington Football Team. This is not a surprise because in the past few weeks the Steelers have looked horrendous on offense but have squeaked out a win.

Well, that was not the case tonight. Let us just say the run-pass ratio is a joke in Pittsburgh right now. The problem is they can't get the running game going. The Steelers rushed 14 times and had 21 yards with only one first down. Ben Roethlisberger had 53 throwing attempts tonight completing 33 of those attempts. Why in the world is Ben Roethlisberger throwing 53 times tonight? The answer: Randy Fichtner. The Steelers offensive scheme is terrible. There seems to be no plan and teams are starting to figure out their dink and dunk strategy. There needs to be more balanced and we just aren't getting that balance with Randy Fichtner. The truth is when Ben Roethlisberger goes no-huddle the Steelers seem to be at their best because Ben Roethlisberger is calling the plays rather than Randy Fichtner. After the game, the Washington Football team said Baltimore exposed the Steelers offense.

Montez Sweat: "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! We all did. Baltimore exposed some things."

This is not good to hear because the Steelers have been on the record saying they won't be changing things in the near future. Well, they better because they're sinking faster than the titanic right now on offense. Fichtner said he wasn't going to jump off the bridge yet earlier in the week after a poor showing in the red zone a week prior, but this week they couldn't even score off of the 1-yard line. It is very concerning, and Mike Tomlin MUST get this handled now because the Browns are 9-3 knocking on the door.

The Steelers better figure this out before they show up on primetime against the Bills because if they don’t, they will get torched by the Bills. The first step would be to figure out why their pass-run ratio is so bad and get the run game going. The next step would be to get Randy Fichtner to call common sense plays instead of knuckleheaded plays like he typically does. Then the Steelers need to figure out how to catch the ball and hold onto the ball. They need to get back to the basics of Football or they will find themselves in a really deep hole.

Randy Fichtner should be on the hot seat but knowing the Pittsburgh Steelers they will not do anything until after the season because they typically do not like to shake things up this late in the season. They would rather try and fix the issues than start all over on offense. By far Randy Fichtner is the weakest link on the Pittsburgh Steelers right now and teams are starting to exploit it week after week.

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