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Randy Fichtner is finally gone from the Pittsburgh Steelers

The best news that any Pittsburgh Steeler fan can receive after the failure of the 2020 season came today. According to NFL Network, the Steelers will not be renewing Randy Fichtner. Ben Roethlisberger originally wanted him to become the Offensive Coordinator, but we all witnessed how bad Fichtner has been through the years. Fichtner has been with Ben Roethlisberger since 2010. He was promoted to Offensive Coordinator in Pittsburgh 3 years ago. Mike Tomlin has put out a statement in regards to Randy Fichtner.

Mike Tomlin: "I want to thank all three of the coaches for their commitment and dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers," said Head Coach Mike Tomlin. "They have all played integral roles in our success and I am appreciative of their efforts. Personally, Randy and I have been in Pittsburgh since I hired him in 2007, but our relationship began well before that. He has been a friend of mine for years and wish his family nothing but the best, and I am eternally grateful for our relationship both on and off the field."

The Steelers will now begin the search for a new Offensive Coordinator in the offseason.

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