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Quincy Roche says he passed out Terrible Towels to his family of Ravens fans

(Photo by Sun Sentinel/Getty Images)

Steelers sixth-round pick Quincy Roche confirmed to the media today that he signed his rookie contract yesterday. Roche posted a photo of himself on Instagram last night signing papers at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.

Roche captioned the post, "Trust God and work aint much to it. But always know that its possible. Iykyk💯 #BeatTheOdds and still rumbling💯."

In regards to signing his rookie contract, Roche told the media that he knows the "race isn't over yet" and he's going to "bring his hard hat."

Roche is a Baltimore native, so he knows all about the Steelers, being that he grew up rooting for his hometown Ravens. After he was drafted by the Steelers last month, he said he was already working on getting all the Ravens gear away from his family members and household and replacing it with black and gold.

“I told them today I don’t even want to see the color purple,” Roche said. "I got somebody dropping me off a Terrible Towel tonight. I don’t even want to see the color purple anymore.”

Roch told the media today that after the draft, he got a box full of Terrible Towels and he passed one out to every member of his family of Ravens fans. Roche smiled and said, “One step at a time, I’ll get them converted.”

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