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Quick Thoughts on 2021 Regular-Season Opponents

(Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The Steelers 2021 Opponents have been released and folks, it is quite the schedule. Our road matchups look quite daunting. A lot of tough, assumedly Primetime matchups for this Steelers team. The most notable matchups are their away games. These games include: Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers.

On the road, all those matchups look scary to me right now. Just because of their Quarterbacks and you know that Chiefs and Packers will always be a part of the NFL’s best. However, to put yourself up there with those teams. You will need to beat those teams.

The Steelers go to Arrowhead to face Patrick Mahomes and you go to Lambeau to face Aaron Rodgers. That seems like quite the tall task. Also, with the Bills on the upward trend going to Buffalo to play Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

Other than these out of division opponents, our division is only getting better. This year, the AFC North is represented in the playoffs quite heavily. You got the Steelers, Browns and Ravens all in the playoffs which is good and bad for the Steelers. It means you know these opponents well, but the thing is, they are only getting better as time is going on.

It is very hard to predict the final record prediction for the Steelers. I just hope we can perform well in these big games to be able to end the season in a good record. Going head-to-head with Kansas City in the Regular season will help us with seeding and potentially getting the one seed next year.

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