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Punter Pressley Harvin III says people always think he is a 'D-Lineman' when playing Football

One of the most intriguing prospects the Steelers selected in the 2021 NFL draft was Punter Pressley Harvin III. The Steelers drafted him in the Seventh-Round and it might be time to finally let Punter Jordan Berry ride off into the sunset! Berry has been declining over the years and it looks like the Steelers finally were going to let him go heading into 2020 with bringing in Punter Dustin Colquitt, but that did not work out so the Steelers decided to bring back Berry. Now the two will head into camp and compete for the starting punter job in Pittsburgh. I hope Harvin III wins the battle, to be honest. I've seen enough of Jordan Berry.

Not only did they decide to bring in fresh legs, but the Steelers also decided to bring in a tank at the punter position as well. Pressley Harvin III is 5 foot 11 and weighs 263 pounds! Kevin Colbert called him a 'Big legged guy who has natural power in his legs.' The Steelers are very excited to bring in Harvin III to compete for the starting punter position.

Harvin says he always gets asked what type of position he plays in football. The majority of people guess he is a defensive lineman, fullback, or half-back. When he tells them he is a punter they are shocked every single time because of his sheer size. Not only can Harvin III kick the football, but he can also throw touchdowns too just like he did at Georgia Tech.

He was a unanimous first-team All-American at Georgia Tech which is only the third player at Georgia Tech to earn that accomplishment. He also led the nation and ACC record for having a 49-yard punting average throughout his time in Georgia Tech.

He says he is going to take full advantage of his opportunity in Pittsburgh and will take in every moment he receives with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Harvin III says he is a 'trail blazer' for other African-American Punters and feels he is going to pave the way for them and make it easier in football. Even Pat McAfee feels Pressley is going to be special in Pittsburgh. Let's hope he can become the Steeler's new punter in 2021.


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