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Pro Football Talk ranks Mike Tomlin at the 3 spot in Head Coach Rankings

(Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Pro Football Talk recently released a Tweet (see below) that ranked the NFL's best coaches and Mike Tomlin ended up ranking at the number 3 spot. Keep in mind that according to this list, he is ranked ahead of Andy Reid.

This Tweet was in response to Pittsburgh's own Andrew Filipponi who had Tomlin ranked at the 10th spot on his list. Which I would have to disagree with. However, I do not think that he should currently be at the number 3 spot.

I personally think that as of now Andy Reid might be deserving to be ahead of Tomlin but not by much. I just want to see some more post-season success (8-8 Record) out of Tomlin in the coming years and potentially another Super Bowl appearance.

Although, if I had to play for a coach and if I was an NFL player 100% in my totally non-biased opinion, I would like to play for Coach Tomlin and just get to know him more. He seems like a master motivator and just an all-around great coach that wants what's best for his players.

Once again, as I said above, for him to be ranked higher on my personal list I would like to see him have some more postseason success in order to cement himself in the top-3 of active NFL coaches. However, he is not far off from that right now. Personally, I think he is still top-5.

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