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Pro Football Network believes Najee Harris will Break Out during his Rookie Season with the Steelers

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The Fantasy Football articles will start coming out from the woodwork now that the 2021 NFL draft is complete. The 2021 NFL season is also going to be ramping up for the Steelers starting on Thursday when the team reports to training camp. They will be one of three NFL teams to get an early start with training camp because they will be playing in the Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys on August 5th.

Pro Football Network believes Najee Harris will have a break-out season in 2021 with the Pittsburgh Steelers. So much that they're naming him an RB1 in many fantasy drafts. It says a lot about Pro Football Network considering him a break-out candidate right out of the gate. So expectations are sky high for Najee Harris heading into the 2021 season.

One of the biggest reasons why Pro Football Network thinks Harris will have a big season with the Steelers is just off of pure usage down the stretch. Mike Tomlin loves to use his starting running back as a 'bell cow,' but it will truly be interesting to see how they handle him during his first season with the Steelers. If I were Tomlin I would unleash him from Week 1... I mean, after all, that is why the Steelers drafted a running back in the first round right?

Harris landed in the right situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pro Football Network says it is a 'match made in heaven.' They believe since James Conner is gone from Pittsburgh that no one is going to be able to come close to taking Harris's spot. I mean even if Conner was in Pittsburgh I don't even think he could come close to Harris, but that now opens up for at least 212 touches at the running back position in Pittsburgh.

Given Harris's ability as a three-down back, it's reasonable to believe he could surpass 200 touches in his first year with the Pittsburgh Steelers according to Pro Football Network. If Harris can manage to top 200 touches Pro Football Network believes Najee Harris could become a top-5 running back.


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