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Pro Football Focus says Cam Heyward is the Second-Best Interior Defensive Linemen in the NFL

One player you don't hear about much is Cam Heyward. He just doesn't seem to get the love he deserves. He did get love from the Steelers by getting a new 4-year contract worth $71 million dollars in 2020. That would make him a Steeler for life unless the Steelers decide to trade him. Heyward is the pillar of the Steeler's defense so it doesn't seem likely the Steelers would trade him.

Mike Tomlin on Cam Heyward: "Cam is special," said Coach Mike Tomlin during the offseason. "It starts with his consistency. Not only consistency in presence, he is a guy who is ever-present, but consistency in work, consistency in urgency, there is great consistency in everything he does. I think it provides a good floor in everything he does. He doesn't ride an emotional roller coaster. You know what you are going to get from Cam. It starts first and foremost with his willingness to be present and engaged and be consistent in every aspect of his life."

David DeCastro on Cam Heyward: "I think first and foremost when you are a good leader you have to be a good player," said David DeCastro. "Cam has proven that over his career. He has only gotten better as he has gotten older. It's been cool to watch him evolve. He is only a year ahead of me. Watching him grow as a leader has been impressive. Everything had been earned in the right way the way he has done it."

Pro Football Focus thinks Cam Heyward had made a case for being the second-best interior defender after Aaron Donald in the NFL. That is an incredible endorsement from Pro Football Focus who has not been kind to the Steelers lately. Finally, Cam Heyward is getting some recognition he deserves.

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