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Pro Football Focus has TJ Watt Ranked the Highest Graded Edge Defender since 2019 in the NFL

It is about time someone has shown TJ Watt the respect he deserves when it comes to playing football. Watt has been snubbed two seasons in a row from the Defensive Player of the Year Award and the disrespect is getting out of hand in regards to TJ Watt. At least the players in the Steelers locker room know that Watt is a special player and have honored him with the MVP award 2 years in a row.

Even Mike Tomlin put his name into nominating TJ Watt for the Defensive Player of the Year Award by saying TJ Watt is visiting from another planet. If TJ played in the last game of the season he could have had the opportunity to break James Harrison's single-season record of 16 sacks. Unfortunately, he sat out during that last game, and now that is 2 seasons he was capable of breaking Harrison's record, but came up short.

Pro Football Focus normally isn't too friendly with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it looks like they have come around on TJ Watt. They have ranked him the highest-graded edge defender since 2019. TJ Watt has a grade of 92.6 over Khalil Mack who's grade was 91.9. At least someone is giving TJ Watt the respect he deserves, unlike the Associated Press...

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