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Pro Football Focus has the Steelers selecting Center Creed Humphrey in the Second Round

There have not been many mock drafts with Second Round Projections this early in the offseason, but Pro Football Focus has just released their two-round mock draft. In the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft, Pro Football Focus has the Steelers selecting Center Creed Humphrey. This would make sense for the Steelers to take a Center in the NFL draft or free agency in 2021 because Maurkice Pouncey has retired.

Pro Football Focus says with the retirement of Maurkice Pouncey the Pittsburgh Steelers is in the market for a new center. Creed Humphrey would be a great fit for the Steelers here. Humphrey displayed great hand usage throughout his time with Oklahoma and has the strength to hold up in the NFL. PFF says he does come with some baggage like any prospect at this point in the draft. Pro Football Focus feels Humphrey has a hard time with leverage from time to time. It showed when he played stud interior linemen in the past like Bravvion Roy in the 2019-20 Big 12 Championship does him no favors. Still, Humphrey is an interesting prospect who would fit great with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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