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Pro Football Focus has Steelers taking Zaven Collins LB from Tulsa in the Draft

(Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)


I don’t think Zaven Collins would typically be a bad pickup by the Steelers, however, this is not the year to go defense. Offensive Line isn’t really the most attractive pickup; however, this is the time to do it. Maurkice Pouncey on Friday announced his retirement, and we could see this offensive line room becoming really empty. It also doesn’t seem like Alejandro Villanueva will be back either.

However, Zaven Collins could be a good 1-2 punch with Devin Bush at the linebacker spot. I don’t like this pick, but it could be fruitful if the Steelers decide to go this route. Earlier on, I remember Micah Parsons was mocked as the top linebacker, so the talent evaluators at one point decided they like Zaven more. However, both are very similar players.

The Steelers would benefit from Zaven Collins for sure, however, the Steelers need to go offense for sure. Doesn’t matter which position of offense, I’m hoping they go with OL, RB or QB other than that, it would be widely criticized by me. However, maybe PFF knows something that I don’t know? Not sure. However, the Steelers must go another direction if they have any hope to contend this season.

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