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Pro Football Focus asks who will stop the Steelers offense if they draft Najee Harris in the Draft

The potential of Najee Harris joining the Pittsburgh Steelers seems to be more realistic as the days go on. The two teams that stand in the Steeler's way from drafting Najee Harris are the Jets and Dolphins though. It seems both teams have heavy interest in Najee Harris, but NFL Draft Expert Tony Pauline expects the Jets to pass on Harris and says the Dolphins are starting to move away from drafting a first-round running back. If that is true then the Steelers could potentially have the first pick at the 2021 running backs if they desire to draft one in the first round.

Pro Football Focus recently posted a question on Twitter asking the question 'Who is stopping this potential Steelers offense?' That is if Najee Harris does end up falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only thing that could stop the Steeler's offense would be their own offensive line, but it seems like the Steelers will still draft some early on offensive linemen.

There is no doubt that the Steeler's offense will be upgraded drastically if they walk into the 2021 season with an actual running game. That would help Ben Roethlisberger tremendously because in 2020 the Steelers offense looked one-dimensional. It would also help keep Ben healthy in the long run because he won't have to throw the football 50 times in a game.

Whoever the Steelers decide to draft at the running back position in 2021 they will instantly become Ben Roethlisberger's new best friend in the backfield. It is a fair question for Pro Football Focus to ask because the Steelers would be loaded with talent on the offensive side of the ball, but I believe the offensive line will need to be addressed in the 2021 NFL draft as well early on too.


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