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Predictions for Steelers vs Bengals

On Monday night we have another AFC North Battle between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. However, this is the tale of two different teams during this unprecedented season. One team has a seasoned veteran and the other team has a future-star, in his rookie year who suffered a season ending injury.

This should be a bounce back game for the Steelers. However, you can’t take any team for granted these days especially in this crazy season. So, in this article I have decided to write some crazy predictions for the Steelers and Bengals matchup.

1. Big Ben has bounce back game. He ends up playing perfect Football and throws for two touchdowns and over 250 yards. He has a deep ball thrown to Claypool and the Steelers offense turns it up a notch and becomes less one dimensional.

2. TJ Watt has 2 sack game. This will further solidify his DPOTY claim and he has a big game while also forcing another fumble. TJ Watt stays healthy and proves that he can be dominate without Dupree.

3. Terrell Edmunds nabs a pick. Furthering his progression as an elite level safety. Having Steelers fans being happy with his progression.

Final Score Prediction: 24-10

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