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Predicting the 2021 Steelers Record

(Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

The 2021 NFL Schedule has been released. The Steelers once again have quite a tough schedule. I'm going to be as realistic as I can for this article and try and predict the result of each game. Last season, the Steelers started off 11-0. Nobody predicted that. So, I'm going to do my best to try to live up to that once again.

Week 1- Steelers @ Bills L

Tough matchup here. The Steelers open the season against Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. I think this is a game that the Steelers will end up losing because I just think we will come out of the gate slowly. However, don't panic.

Week 2- Raiders @ Steelers W

I think Steeler Nation will show up for this game, I also think the Steelers will bounce back in a big way and shock the Raiders. I think Najee will officially get rolling and the Steeler Defense will control this matchup.

Week 3- Bengals @ Steelers W

The Bengals come to town. The Steelers will also win this game and spoil Mike Hilton's homecoming. Still, it will be a close game and I predict the Steelers will be winning this game on a Boswell field goal.

Week 4- Steelers @ Packers W

The Steelers win this game because of Aaron Rodgers no longer being on the team and or if he is not playing. I think the Steelers will shock the Packers in a big way at home. Perhaps a Blake Bortles rematch?

Week 5- Broncos @ Steelers W

When the Broncos come to town, I once again think the Steelers will continue to win at home and enjoy a nice little win streak. For now...

Week 6- Seahawks @ Steelers L

The Seahawks and Russell Wilson will spoil the Steelers' win streak. I think this game will be close. However, Russell Wilson will prove to be too much for the Steelers to handle and they will end up winning the game.

Week 7- Bye

Week 8- Steelers @ Browns L

Tough matchup here, the Steelers will travel to Cleveland after their bye week and I predict them to lose this game just because of how they like to come out of bye weeks a little sluggish.

Week 9- Bears @ Steelers W

The Steelers end up stopping their losing streak and are able to shock Justin Fields and the Bears and end up holding the Bears to one touchdown and are able to get Najee Harris going for over 200 yards.

Week 10- Lions @ Steelers W

Another W, I think the Steelers play their best in November and December and I think we will start seeing them go on a little run.

Week 11- Steelers @ Chargers W

Steeler Nation travels well. It's a win for me.

Week 12- Steelers @ Bengals L

Joe Burrow and the Bengals end up beating the Steelers and the Steelers suffer another divisional loss. It stings, however, it's not over yet.

Week 13- Ravens @ Steelers W

The Steelers and the Ravens have a classic slugfest. The Steelers will end up coming out on top after a late field goal and stopping Lamar Jackson from reaching the endzone. The trust in their defense will pay off.

Week 14- Steelers @ Vikings W

Once again, Steeler Nation travels well and I think they will end up shocking the Vikings at home and holding back Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook from having a crazy good game.

Week 15- Titans @ Steelers L

The Titans will run over the Steelers in Pittsburgh and they will end up losing this game.

Week 16- Steelers @ Chiefs L

The Steelers travel to Arrowhead to play the Kansas City Chiefs where they will lose their second straight. I think the Chiefs will prove to be too hot to handle and Patrick Mahomes will have a good game.

Week 17- Browns @ Steelers W

Tough matchup. I think the Steelers will end up winning this game and splitting their series with the Browns. The Browns keep it close. However, the Steelers pull away at the right time.

Week 18- Steelers @ Ravens W

The final game of the season sees the Steelers traveling to Baltimore. I think the Steelers will end winning this game and finishing their season on a high note. (just what they need)

Final Record: 11-6

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