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Potential destinations for Steven Nelson in 2021

(Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Steven Nelson has been a solid player for the Steelers. He has started 30 games in two seasons. Well, he asked not to be a hostage so the Steelers granted his release after not being able to find a trade partner. That is very unfortunate because I personally feel like in a normal year the Steelers would be able to get something back for him.

New York Jets

This is a team that has been linked to Steven Nelson, their secondary stinks right now. There's no sugar-coating it. Steven Nelson would be an immediate upgrade for the Jets. They certainly have the capital to pay him as well. This marriage would be a good fit. Steven Nelson would fit well in the Robert Saleh led team.

Tennessee Titans

At this point, this team is now the Pittsburgh Titans or the Tennessee Steelers. There are plenty of Steelers players on this team that Steven Nelson could reunite with. This team just let Adoree Jackson walk so I think that Steven Nelson could find a spot on their secondary.

Buffalo Bills

This lands him with a contender and this would provide Buffalo with another starting-caliber player that could help out their defense immensely. This would be a good move for Steven because he lands with yet another contender.

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