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Pittsburgh Steelers named as a team who should pursue Teddy Bridgewater in the 2021 offseason

The Carolina Panthers are looking to move on from Teddy Bridgewater with "physical limitations" playing a factor. The Panthers are also trying to pursue Deshaun Watson in the 2021 offseason as well. In 2020 Bridgewater played 15 games with the Panthers finishing the season with 492 passing attempts, 3,733 passing yards, and 15 touchdowns. The Panthers ended up finishing 5-11.

NFL Analysis Network recently wrote an article called 3 teams who should look to trade for Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater and they listed the Pittsburgh Steelers as the number 1 team to pursue Bridgewater if he is released by the Panthers. Although the article recognizes the Steelers cap situations they still feel the Steelers should look at an upgrade.

Mason Rudolph has not shown enough to be the answer after Ben Roethlisberger. Haskins flamed out in Washington and needs some time to learn how to become a quarterback in the NFL. This is why the article says the Steelers should pursue Bridgewater.

Bridgewater is still only 28 years old who turns 29 in November. He could fill in as a stopgap for the Steelers and could be the quarterback for the Steelers in the future. The NFL Analysis Network also says Bridgewater would be a good mentor for Haskins to learn from.

Fitting Bridgewater in with the Steelers cap situation would be hard for me to see the Steelers do, but it is the right idea to pursue another quarterback in the offseason. The Steelers are really behind with finding their future quarterback. I also believe Mason Rudolph is not the answer in Pittsburgh.

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