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Pittsburgh Steelers kicked the Cleveland Brown's ass at Heinz Field

All week the media has been hyping up the Steelers-Browns. Well, we got a good look at it today and the Steelers annihilated the Cleveland Browns. Ben Roethlisberger was solid today going 14-22, 162 yards, and a touchdown today. James Conner rushed for over 100 yards. In fact, he rushed 20 times for 101 yards and a touchdown today. It's about time James Conner showed up. Instead of dancing on the line like Le'Veon Bell, he decided to be a downhill runner like how he should be! It paid off for Conner today. The Steelers held onto the ball today for 34 minutes! They improved on 3rd downs somewhat by going 5/14, but they got the first downs when they needed them. The Steelers were 2/2 on 4th downs.

It was another day of Sack City for the Steelers as they had 4 sacks on the day. Staying close to their 5 sacks per game total. The Browns were held to 1/12 on 3rd downs. That is a huge number for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Joe Haden was not lying about fixing their 3rd down issues. The Steelers had 6 penalties and it cost them 45 yards. Not bad considering how bad they have been in recent games. The Steelers came into practice this week and cleaned up quite a bit. All week the Browns fans have been saying this Browns team is different, but as far as we could see they ran into a buzz saw today. Devin Bush went down with a non-contact left knee injury and it looked concerning. That was just about the only bad thing to happen to the Steelers today at Heinz Field. We will closely keep an eye on Bush. Hoping for good news. The Steelers are now 5-0 for the first time since 1978! They get the Titans next week which should be a great game to watch!

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