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Pittsburgh Steelers Hater Colin Cowherd has picked the Steelers to win against the Browns

Colin Cowherd has milked Steelers Nation this year with much attention surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers. At one point he videoed himself smoking a cigar and said the New York Giants who didn't make the playoffs were better than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do I believe for one instant that Colin Cowherd is that stupid? No. He knows what he is doing to get ratings from Steelers fans, but this week he was actually sincere in his Wild Card Weekend pick between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns.

Cowherd says the Steelers and Browns have the potential to be a tire fire. He said Pittsburgh is going to roll Cleveland. The point Cowherd was making on his Fox Sports show is that the Steelers played their backups this past Sunday against the best Cleveland Browns team they have had in at least 15 years, maybe 30. Cowherd says that the game was actually close. He continued to say the Steelers offense had a backup quarterback that was throwing mostly jump balls on the sidelines and the game was still close.

Colin then used a wedding analogy, to sum up, the Cleveland Browns saying they were the last ones who were invited to the wedding. He then brought up the Browns had a negative point differential which is not easy to do and make the playoffs. For once I agree with Colin Clownherd. The Browns have struggled near the end of the season. They lost to the Jets and almost lost to the Steelers backups on Sunday. The only way the Steelers could lose this game on Sunday with the Browns is if they overlook them.

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