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Pittsburgh Steelers are working on a year-to-year contract with Keith Butler

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced they will not be renewing three coaches in 2021. Randy Fichtner, Shaun Sarrett, and Tom Bradley are gone once the 2020 season ends. It was reported Mike Tomlin called all of the defensive plays against the Browns in the 2020 Wild Card Playoffs leaving many questions swirling about what the Steelers will do with Keith Butler? Jeremy Fowler has answered those questions today.

Fowler is reporting the Steelers are working on a new contract with Butler. It will be considered a year-to-year contract. Some details are still being worked out, but it looks like Butler will be back with the Steelers defense. I hope this is a good decision to keep him around because it sounds like Tomlin is not 100% confident in Butler calling the defensive plays. So why would you keep him around? It does look like the Steelers are happy with how the defense played during the regular season, but they also need to take a look at how the defense was handled during the playoffs. This is the year to finally take a step back and really evaluate some changes in Pittsburgh. Let's just hope the organization makes the right calls and finally turns this sinking ship around.

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