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PFF thinks the Steelers are headed toward a rebuild. They're wrong.

(Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

PFF has been making some wild takes lately. Most of them are bad takes. However, for the most part, they are a good company that puts out decent content. In this article, Sam Monson says the Steelers are knocking on the door of a rebuild.

I think the Steelers are far from it. This team is loaded on both sides of the ball. With the addition of Najee Harris, Kendrick Green, Dan Moore Jr., and even Pat Freiermuth. We will see some improvement on the offensive line.

The defense has taken some hits, specifically the departures of Mike Hilton and Bud Dupree. I think those losses will be felt this season. However, I trust this Front Office in being able to evaluate talent. I think we will be able to find some 'diamonds in the rough' who are ready to contribute on both sides of the ball and I'm excited to see who steps up.

The Steelers are the farthest away from a rebuild, they drafted a running back in Round 1 because that's what this team has been missing. I think a star-running back will improve the load on Ben Roethlisberger immensely.

With all their receivers coming back also, we couldn't be in a better positon to do what we did last season again. We just need to make sure that we don't have a regression down the stretch once again.

This team will never rebuild, they will reload. We are the Pittsburgh Steelers. As long as Mike Tomlin is the coach, he will keep fighting for contention. No matter who is at the helm. This is a Head Coach who has never had a losing record. Just to remind you.

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