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Penn State TE Pat Freiermuth 'would love to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers'

Could the Steelers be in the market for drafting a new tight-end? Absolutely! There is plenty of great tight-ends in the 2021 NFL draft, but it looks like one tight-end has a special relationship building with the Steelers tight-end coach Alfredo Roberts. His name is Pat Freiermuth and he would be an absolute stud on the Steelers. Right now the Steelers only have Eric Ebron who can make plays on the football field but doesn't block that well. Insert Pat Freiermuth and you have fixed your issue. It would also create a double-headed monster going into the 2021 season.

Greg Cosell who is an NFL draft analyst recently compared Pat Freiermuth to Heath Miller. Both play very similar smash-mouth football and both are similar in size. The Steelers have not had a tight-end in Pittsburgh who can fill Heath Miller's shoes yet. Yes, Eric Ebron played well in 2020, but you cannot replace Heath Miller in just one season.

Freiermuth on Steelers TE Coach Alfredo Roberts: “You know, that’s my guy,” Freiermuth said. “I’ve met with him a few times. Those calls have been great. I would love to play for an organization like the Steelers.”

If Freiermuth can fall into the second or third round of the 2021 NFL draft that could be a big steal for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It seems very evident the Steelers are looking to take a running back or offensive lineman in the first round, but if Freiermuth is there in the second round it would be very tempting for the Steelers to draft him.

Pat recently did a workout with the Steelers TE Coach Roberts at Penn State's Pro Day and it looked like both sides were happy with each other after the workout. They were both seen shaking hands and hugging. If the Steelers can manage to draft Freiermuth he would not disappoint one bit in Pittsburgh. He is a very physical tight-end who loves to catch and block. He would become a fan favorite if the Steelers do decide to take him. Keep your eyes on Freiermuth during the draft because the Steelers are showing strong interest in him.


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